About Us

Experience is a wonderful thing. It allows you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.
Taking advantage of this experience of nearly 4 years, Harmonica has mastered the art of making harmonium. We are one of the unique creators of harmonium which embellishes the three important elements of music, ie, melody, harmony and rhythm. We relentlessly experimented with the development of atonal music and over the years it has undergone several qualitative refinements and various improvements resulting in a more dependable musical instrument.

We Ensure Reliability

We ensure that we provide you with the perfect musical instrument. Carrying our instruments over long distances / overseas is made easy by our special packaging, which enables the harmonium to reach its destination without any harm done. We also offer you a View CD with our harmoniums, which offers you detailed product information and assists you in troubleshooting minor problems on your own.

Our Mission

Our research & development team is constantly working to improve the performance of our instruments. We take pride in being one of those who had reduced the organ to its smallest size, which was designed exclusively by our most experienced professionals. Through scientific research and development we maintain the international pitch of A-440 Hz in all our instruments to comply with the global standards.

Our Philosophy

Manufacturing musical instruments is as much an art as it is to play them. We take pride in being able to produce some of the best quality Indian musical instruments. Our goal has been to serve the aspiring music students and beginners with quality instruments at an affordable price, while maintaining an appetite for professional customers also. The service we offer to the instrument testifies our expertise in the craft.